Graphic Design of Louis Kwong Jr.
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Louis Kwong obtained his medical degree from St Andrews University in Scotland, after which he practiced as an ear, nose and throat surgeon for a number of years. In order to broaden his experience and develop his business skills, Louis enrolled in Manchester Business School where he obtained his MBA. Throughout his educational and professional career, Louis devoted considerable time to his long standing passion for graphic arts and design. Over the years he honed his skills in all areas of the digital arts from photography to animation and from graphics to web design. Once he had obtained his MBA, rather than return to medicine, he chose to concentrate his efforts on developing a career in the application of the graphic arts.

Being highly motivated, Louis developed his skills to the point where he now teaches graphic and web design at Westminster Adult Education Service in London. As a graphic designer, Louis has worked on a broad variety of projects for corporate clients including designing corporate logos, business cards and CD covers. For media clients, Louis has worked on post production for music videos, animation and film editing. Other assignments have included creating illustrations for medical texts and retouching photographs. He has found that having skills across a range of graphic, image and video applications to be very valuable, particularly when helping clients achieve their goals.


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